Dam of Silence

Is it really so hard to put into words all the things that run through my head? I feel like there is a dam that’s been filling for years with all the words left unsaid, all unspoken opinions, suppressed creativity, silent responses, swallowed defenses. This dam is reaching dangerous levels, with every choke, more water surges in. Every silence filled gap teeters on dangerous ground- this damn is on the verge of breaking. I can feel it in my bones, those chokes, those things I wanted to say but was too afraid to, are evoking a chain reaction.  This damn will break and when it does, a shift will occur within in me that will be irrevocable. A spark will make the connection between my brain and my tongue that has seemed to be lying dormant within me. The sparks will fire the way necessary to allow my thoughts to flow through and out my mouth, the way I have always dreamt of.  The responses won’t come out strained under my breath or stutter filled, but free flowing like water pouring forth from a  stream.


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