The Moments that Make You Feel Alive

Life is Beautiful Festival

This past weekend I attended the first ever Life is Beautiful Festival in downtown Las Vegas. It was absolutely amazing! The festival consisted of a compilation of art, food, and music. It’s difficult not to be inspired by all the creativity that was all around. It turns out the event drew a lot of hipsters and quirky people with their unique styles. Part of the fun was sitting back and watching everyone jump from place to place. The whole experience was not just super fun but also served as one of those life affirming experiences.

The October weather is barely starting to cool down hot Vegas so the weather was perfect. It was nice and windy which helped when I was standing with thousands of people packed as tightly as matches. I took in the entire experience open arms. I let the beat of the music sink deep in my soul as I felt the beat vibrate through my body and felt the thumps deep within my chest. I was even fine with stuff that would have upset me any other time like getting beer spilled on me and getting kicked in the head by a crowd surfer. I didn’t care; I was just happy to be there amongst the excited, crazy crowd listening to amazingly talented bands. We swayed back and forth to the slow songs and jumped up and down to the beat of the upbeat songs.

The highlight of the event for me was The Killer’s performance. My sisters and I stood for over five hours waiting in-between performances for the Killer’s the play. They were the last performance of the event. We learned quickly on that to keep yourself from trouble you went were the crowd pushed you, and for us that was forward. Right before The Killers performed we moved up to the front of the crowd. I was two people away from the front. I could not believe it! When The Killers finally came on I was right there within close view. So close in fact, that when Brandon Flowers came off the stage to say hi to his fans I got to touch him! I sang my heart out to all my favorite songs with the rest of the crowd. So much so that my throat is still sore from that.

And if all that wasn’t good enough I had one of my dreams come true. This might be a silly dream but who says dreams have to meet certain specifications? At the culmination of an amazing song that had the crowd going wild,  a blast of confetti rained on the audience. I looked up and saw the night sky fill with sparkles. I smile stretched across my face as I saw a sea of adrenalized people going mad and the confetti dancing above me. That moment took my breath away and made me realize that life is too short to not make time for those moments that do just that.


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