Searching Blindly

My heart and mind are restless. Bursting with desire to travel, to see the world, experience new things, meet new people to connect with on a deeper level.

There is this gnawing feeling of needing more. And I am not talking about material things or possessions. It´s more like a pestering thought that runs through my mind tirelessly, demanding to know if this is truly all there is.

I begin to question whether I´m just an ungrateful brat, unable to appreciate all I have. Or could there be more to it than I see?

Could this not be a calling deep from within, alerting me not to settle. Screaming at me to go out there, expand my horizons, find new adventures, find my passion.

Maybe that´s it.

The lack of passion in my life might be the cause of said feeling to have more.

I am restless, I can´t settle on one thing or find the satisfaction I´m looking for. Everything I do seems to give me a fleeting sense of joy that goes as fast as it came.

My mind goes a thousand miles a minute, desperately searching for some unknown objective.

An objective that will give my life the fulfillment I am chasing after.

An objective that will give my life purpose.

I search blindly. Walking through the never-ending twists and turns of life. Holding on to the hope that one day I will stumble across what I seek.


3 thoughts on “Searching Blindly

    1. You are totally right. I know in my heart what I am looking for is within but it’s hard to stop trying to find it in something else. Thank for your comment 🙂

  1. This week I disagree, though next week it could be different. Barbara Sher says to stop being grateful and if something is missing Go Find It!!! Look her up. She is most refreshing and super funny. Try Youtube and then her books. I am currently reading
    Live The Life You Love by Barbara Sher. Inexpensive and easy to buy online. I like The Book Depository. Free shipping worldwide. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain 🙂 I promise. Millions of other readers of her work over 35 years, including Oprah agree with me.

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