Hong Kong Lights

I wrote this short piece while on the subway, heading back to the hotel after a particularly amazing day in Hong Kong.

The lights of Hong Kong can do a number on a person. How can one visit this island without coming back changed?

The neon lights. All the neon lights lighting up the freshly rained, glistening stone streets of Hong Kong as you walk through the masses of locals and tourists alike, all blending into the city, becoming a part of it.

To walk through the streets, ride the ferry, the subway, you become part of the city. You blend in perfectly amongst the crowd. You feel the majestic city become a part of you and burn unto your heart and mind, never to be forgotten.

The intense freedom you feel from just going off on your own and getting lost in this busy city, explore it to your heart’s desire, is hard to put into words.

I am taking this all in. Letting it settle in my heart. Letting it transform me as it will.


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