Not Just A New Haircut

I have been yearning for some sort of change lately. I am not sure why but my mind has been calling for it. I was getting a little bit bored with the same old, day to day things I always do, so I got an idea.

I have always had long hair. I know there has always been a preference in my family for girls having long hair and with many other people too, so I gladly followed along with the norm. I liked my long hair. But with this need to change that I was craving I noticed that I really wanted to break a bit from doing what people always expected me to do. So I thought maybe it’s time to change that.

Within a few minutes of toying with the idea of cutting my hair, while at work I decided to tell a few coworkers about my idea. The thought was not met with very favorable responses and one of my coworkers even went so far as to make a snooty, backhanded, rude comment that was totally uncalled for. I was not asking anyone for permission. I was simply voicing what was on my mind.

Well, it turns out that the overall negative response I got about getting my haircut made me want to get it done even more. That was the extra little push I needed to get me off the fence. So I went straight from work to the hair salon, and told the hairdresser to cut it all off. She looked at me kind of puzzled for a little bit because perhaps I was bit more excited than people are when they go get haircuts, but to me this was more than just a haircut.

This was a statement I was making to myself that I was not going to cave in and do what others thought I should do (something I have done my whole life.) This was the change that I have been wanting (on a small scale, but a change none the less). This was me doing something that I wanted to do just because I wanted to do it. I think it’s important for everyone to be able to do things for themselves without having a reason for wanting to do it.

So with every long strand of hair she cut of I felt liberated from my need to follow the rules. I was feeling liberated from my fear to step outside of the box.  I was smiling the whole time she was cutting my hair. The lady probably thought there was something wrong with me but whatever. I was having a great time watching my hair take shape and feeling my head feel lighter and lighter.

I love my new hair. Some people don’t but I really don’t care. That’s not usually like me not to care so I am really enjoying this new feeling of confidence. It’s crazy how doing something as simply as getting a haircut can do for your confidence. This was  a side effect I had not foreseen when I decided to go ahead and cut my hair but it is most definitely appreciated and welcomed. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Not Just A New Haircut

  1. Congratulations on stepping out of the box and gaining confidence! I did a similar thing with my hair almost one year ago, it was a great feeling! I’ve since let my hair grow longer again, but it’s great to know that we have the freedom to chop and change (excuse the pun) ourselves!

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