Monday Blues

By Stockbyte

I remember watching this hilarious commercial a couple of years ago that stuck with me; it was right before dawn on a Monday morning. People were happily sleeping in their beds when they realized what was about to happen. Their Monday morning was about to begin. Next, you see a crowd of people rushing out of their homes in their night wear, heading to a field were the first signs of light from the sun are visible. They desperately tried to push the sun back in their last frantic attempt to try and prevent the horror of Monday morning from starting. Unfortunately, their efforts were unsuccessful and the mob of people returned disappointed and slump shouldered back home to get their Monday morning started.

I thought that commercial was too funny! Maybe I liked it so much because I can totally relate. Why do Monday mornings have to suck so bad? I always feel so pathetic for spending a huge part of my Sunday trying to forget that tomorrow is Monday, but I still spend a large chunk of Sundays wincing at the fact that tomorrow will indeed be Monday.  I know I am being melodramatic here about this but it’s true.

Mondays are usually very tiring days for me. At the office, co-workers are walking around half asleep and cranky (typical case of the Mondays) looking to get their coffee fixes while customers are walking in and calling, in less than favorable moods which does not help the day go by smoothly. The phones ring off the hook, which makes the thought of getting any of the work I need to get done nearly impossible.

I know I contribute a lot to the torture of Mondays though. I tend to get to bed way later than I should which causes me to be sleep deprived and groggy when my alarm abruptly wakes me at 5:00 AM. I also tend to procrastinate all weekend long and get done only a sliver of homework that I had planned to complete over the weekend. This makes the week extremely rushed and busy for me. I barely have time for anything during the week other than work, homework and class. No wonder I am not exactly thrilled on Sunday afternoons when I know what the week ahead has in store for me.

ImageI am trying to make peace with Mondays though. I am tired of spending perfectly good Mondays, and not to mention perfectly good Sunday afternoons, feeling like I’ve somehow been cheated. I am tired of the dread I feel on Sunday afternoons and the pang of pain I get when I know I can’t extend the weekend just one more day. I don’t want to be such a child anymore. I seriously thought I would grow out of it when I graduated form high school but it’s been 7 years since and I am just as whinny about Mondays now, as I was then.

I know that actually getting some work done over the weekends would definitely help me feel more prepared and ready for the week ahead. My horrible habit of procrastinating only causes me to have to rush through everything in a very short period of time, which not only tires me out terribly, but also stresses me out.

I need to work on creating balance in my life. Not to give in to the weekend temptation (staying up late, sleeping in, watching hours of Netflix, hanging out with my sisters doing nothing). I know it’s good to have some free time, but the thing is I am not balancing work and play very well. I overwork myself way too much during the week, completely exhausting myself and then try to make up for it on the weekend by doing nothing. Not a good idea. This not only makes me less productive but also keeps me off balance.

So that’s step one for me to recover from Monday hating. Create more balance throughout the week by creating a good mix of work and play throughout. Aside from that, I will also work on remaining present on Sunday afternoons and enjoy what I have at the moment. Continue working on remaining present.

Another thing I will start doing is to plan fun activities on Monday afternoons. I have not control over the mood or business of the office on Mondays, but I do have control over how I handle it. I can get to bed early on Sunday’s so that I will have more energy and be less susceptible to crankiness and the moodiness of others. I can also get to work a bit early to start of the day giving myself time to settle down before the rush of people come in asking for a million and one things. And last but not least, I can plan a fun and relaxing activity for Monday afternoons so I can recover from the busiest workday of the week. Keep a good balance that will allow me to enjoy all days of the week  🙂


2 thoughts on “Monday Blues

    1. That’s funny!! On Tuesdays I just feel this sense or resignation. It’s like I settle down, get work done and start counting down til the weekend.

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