Weekly Reflections

Being that I am always thinking and analyzing everything about myself and life, trying to find ways to become happier and more confident, I have decided I want to post weekly reflections about what I have learned during the week. I sincerely believe that through honest self-refection people can learn a lot about themselves and be able to identify what areas they can improve on to help them find what they are searching for and what’s stopping them from getting it. In my case, as most of you know already, I am on a journey to learn how to accept myself as I am and live a happy, fulfilled life.

I am constantly reflecting on my everyday life. If I am not actively engaged doing some sort or really interesting activity, you will usually find me lost in thought. It’s just what I do. So I am sure I will always have plenty of material to write about. The piles of notebooks stacked in my closet are proof that I never seem to run out of things to reflect on. There is always a new experience or a new bit of information obtained that can give fresh new take on things. So I am very excited about beginning these weekly reflections.

So for this week, I will be touching on my grave need to look for things to be grateful for. I have noticed that my mind is on autopilot when it comes to pointing out things that I perceive as not being the way they should be, whether that be in relation to myself or in my life. So I am thinking that by taking the words of the wise and starting a gratitude journal, my mind will start learning to not be so quick to find the negative in situations. With time, I am confident that I will be able to rewire my brain, so to say, to look for things to be grateful for. This of course will greatly impact my overall emotional wellbeing and outlook on life.

I will make and effort from now on to stop myself from getting lost thinking of all the things that are not going how I think they should and instead look for the wonderful things in everyday life that make life enjoyable. Today, having the chance to sit in my wonderful backyard in my favorite table where I have gotten so much of my writing done in the past is truly something to be grateful for. The grass is getting so lush and green, and the trees are bursting new leafs every day making my yard look absolutely beautiful. There was fresh breeze blowing that makes me feel renewed every time I allow myself to just sit and enjoy it gently hit my face and flutter may hair around.

My backyard- One of my favorite places to relax.
My backyard- One of my favorite places to relax.

Lately I’ve been too busy worrying about many different things, or rushing from school to work to stop and notice just how beautiful the yard is getting. How inviting and how calming sitting in my favorite spot in my backyard can be.  So I decided that after a long, stressful day of work, I was going to take advantage of that wonderful spot and just sit and enjoy the sunset. After a couple of minutes, I began feeling a sense of joy fill my body. I was no longer thinking about work; that seemed distant now. The stresses of work are irrelevant now that I am home.There is absolutely nothing I can do now about it so why stay stuck thinking about how sucky work was today? So instead, I decided that now, all I had to do was to enjoy the beauty in front of me. To enjoy the weekend ahead of me. I will deal with work on Monday, as it should be, and chose to enjoy the present now.

I encourage all of you to try this out with me. Be on the look out for all the good things in life that make it enjoyable and worth living. There are plenty of little things that make life wonderful that unfortunately go unnoticed. I want to try and find them and concentrate on that instead of the “negative” things that I usually focus on.  I am sure that with enough practice and persistence we can all be on our way to making a habit out of finding the positive in everyday life.

I am planning on periodically posting new things I found to be grateful for.  I would love to hear about what you find to be grateful for in your amazing life and hope you are willing to share it with me in the comments. I am sure others would love to hear about them too 🙂

I wish you all an amazing weekend!!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Reflections

  1. This is the second thing I’ve read about gratitude journals this week, and I’m thinking I really need to start one. I used to have one, but it was short-lived…I need to bring it back. It is SO easy to focus on every single thing that is not how we want it, and I’m definitely doing that way too much these days. Hopefully this idea will help!

    1. I started a gratitude journal once too but did not keep up with it. I’m hopeful that keeping one will definitely help change my mind frame to be more positive 🙂

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